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    "Yuanfong" press has thousands of sales records of short-cycle veneer production lines, with customers all over the world, with rich experience and technology:

    Robust frame design Low failure rate
    Intelligent electrical control Humanized management and philosophy
    Large diameter cartridge hydraulic system Careful after-sales service
    Perfect detail processing  

        Changzhou Luotong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at No. 15 Chuangxin Road, Industrial Concentration Zone, Luoyang Town, Changzhou, on the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake. It is a professional company that produces all kinds of veneer presses and hydraulic equipment, especially the trademark "Yuanfeng "It has a high reputation in the industry.
         The veneer hot press produced by our company is widely used in wood processing, building materials and decoration industries. It is suitable for veneer processing of particle board, medium fiber board, melamine impregnated paper and high-density laminate flooring aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper. . There are various specifications of the hot press machine such as 4×8 feet, 4×9 feet, 5×8 feet, 6×8 feet, 7×9 feet, 6×12 feet, etc.
         The hot press adopts a frame structure and is equipped with a board-feeding trolley and a board-feeding rolling bracket. The system adopts advanced man-machine interface and PLC programmable control, and has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, safety and reliability, and less floor space. In addition, it can be equipped with various automatic board entry and exit devices according to user needs to provide customers with integrity services.